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------- Comment #2 from  2009-04-12 19:04 -------
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> Did you consider that it might not be because you're using an Intel(TM)
> Co(R)re(SM) 2(all rights reserved) Quad(WTF it's completely unnecessary to put
> all these corporate trademark tags in a bug report ;) ) and more because one
> system is Vista and the other is XP?

Well, it seems isolated to quad core.  I have tested on the Core 2 Duo I use,
and it works fine.  I'm running Vista.  I just don't have a quad available to

I'm not sure that safe mode has anything to do with anything, but it's telling
that this is only reproducible when the async code is #define'd on, and only on
a quad core machine.

Keep in mind, on Windows, the return code of dmd.exe is the return code from
link.exe.  For this reason, it's unclear to me what could be happening.  The
problem is not in link.exe.



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