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> > SDWF tries to get around this by running a collection if creation of a GDI
> > object fails, in case it frees some system resources in order to try again. 
> > But maybe what we really need is some kind of monitoring system.  How does
> > DMD's GC decide when to run, anyway?
> Collection is triggered by gc_malloc() when no free space can be found.

So it waits until the system runs out of memory before trying to free some? 
This way, D programs are almost bound to run down system memory, denying it to
other programs, sooner or later.  If you're running several programs that rely
on this gc_malloc implementation or similar, at a given time one of them is
likely to be at or near its peak in memory consumption.  Generally speaking,
one program's memory demand cannot trigger another program to collect its


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