------- Comment #4 from  2009-04-23 04:05 -------
Example and DStress test cases compile in D1.041. The DStress test cases fail
in D2, because the template parameter is declared as a char[] rather than a

C:\> dmd template_class_20_A.d
template_class_20_A.d(17): template instance Foo!("abc") does not match
template declaration Foo(char[] bar)
template_class_20_A.d(17): Error: Foo!("abc") is used as a type
template_class_20_A.d(17): class base
type must be class or interface, not void

The following code compiles, should this bug be marked as a DStress issue?

abstract class Foo(string bar)

class Bar : Foo!("abc") {

int main(char[][] args)
    return 0;


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