Brad Roberts wrote:
> Tonight I'm going to update bugzilla to the current release and move it to a 
> new
> host.  I'll put the existing copy in read-only mode at around 10 or 11pm 
> Seattle
> time.  The process shouldn't take all that long, but I'll estimate an hour 
> just
> to give myself some padding time.
> Later,
> Brad

Ok.. I've changed the dns entry to the new server, so as soon as it propagates
around the world, the new site will be active.  I'm sure it's not perfect yet..
but it's good enough to open up.  Please file bug reports against
if you find something wrong or missing.  I haven't fully incorporated all of the
customizations I'd made to the previous version, but at least the posting to the
newsgroups part works again.


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