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--- Comment #1 from Sobirari Muhomori <>  2009-05-14 06:36:02 
PDT ---
why does the code use new Tag instead of tag_ ?

> Alternately change the Tag constructor to report the Tag as START if it has
> attributes.  But this will be a bigger change code flow design and efficiency.
> Either way, the onStartTag call returns a Tag with START

It's valid for EMPTY tag to have attributes and as I see Tag constructor parses
empty tag with attributes and sets type to EMPTY. What's wrong with this?

BTW found lack of support for ampersand-quoted attributes:
(line 974)
  string val;
  if(optc(s,'"')){ val = encode(munch(s,"^\"")); reqc(s,'"'); }
  else { reqc(s,'\''); val = encode(munch(s,"^'")); reqc(s,'\''); }
  attr[key] = val;

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