Stewart Gordon <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Version|2.028                       |1.043
            Summary|Weird message with cryptic  |Weird implicit conversion
                   |mangled name - implicit     |error with cryptic mangled
                   |conversion error            |name - assigning to invalid
                   |                            |arraytype.function call

--- Comment #6 from Stewart Gordon <>  2009-05-22 02:53:48 PDT ---
So the bug is that it tries to make out the type of the expression and gets
somewhere (and hence delivers an error) before realising that string.format is
itself invalid.

The bug also occurs in DMD 1.043, as this shows:
import std.string;

void main() {
    int s = string.format("abc", "def");
array_static_method.d(4): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression
 D17TypeInfo_B6AaAaAa6__initZ),(char[]),"abc","def")) of type char[] to int

Strangely, given (int[]) instead of string, 2.030 gives an almost identical
cryptic message, but 1.043 emits the more sensible
array_static_method.d(4): Error: no property 'format' for type 'int[]'
array_static_method.d(4): Error: function expected before (), not 1 of type int
(OK, so the second message is bogus, but that's just a case of a long-known

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