--- Comment #7 from Stewart Gordon <>  2009-06-07 16:40:30 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> I'd rather see the spec fully contained within the spec, not having references
> to external sites. 

Well, obviously it wouldn't be an external site.  It would be a list somewhere
on the D website but separate from the core language spec.  Or maybe a page
that is in the spec but with an exemption made from freezing to allow for
additions of new platforms.

> As further justification to my view, in addition to version
> identifiers, the ABI part of the spec likely needs updates for new platforms
> too.  Just because they're not implemented by DMD doesn't mean the spec
> shouldn't contain those platforms.

Yes, that's exactly why I proposed this.  The ABI page should be dealt with in
the same way as the predefined version page.

I suppose it's a matter of creating a "Platform specifics" section of the
specs.  This would cover not only the predefined versions and ABI, but also
such things as the inline assembler and possibly the current pages on Win32

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