Brad Roberts wrote:
> Given the increasing number of users who have been and are starting to
> contribute bug fixes.. first off, THANKS!  Secondarily, I'd like to help make 
> it
> easier to track what's being worked on vs what's filed but un-examined and
> un-addressed.
> To that end, I've added a user 'No Owner' and switched all of the components
> that used to default the owner to '' to default to 'No
> Owner'.  I have NOT gone back and changed the ownership of existing bugs.  
> I'll
> probably do that behind the scenes hitting the database directly to avoid
> sending 1200ish bug updated emails.
> For those of you who have or intend to help by providing patches, please 
> assign
> bugs to yourself to show that.  Assign them to walter aka
> when the ball is in his court.  If you'd like to
> abandon your ownership, just reassign back to No Owner.
> Walter, when you're working on bugs for the next release, try to remember to
> assign yourself as owner too.
> Thoughts?  Concerns?  Suggestions for improvement?
> Thanks,
> Brad

Ok.. I've moved a whole bunch of bugs over from walter to nobody.  The current
counts (ignoring the tiny handful of other logins that own a bug):

  | login_name               | bug_status | count(*) |
  | | ASSIGNED   |        1 |
  | | NEW        |      125 |
  | | REOPENED   |       54 |
  |     | ASSIGNED   |        8 |
  |     | NEW        |      996 |
  |     | REOPENED   |       20 |

I should have taken notes, but the primary reasons for moving a bug over to
nobody was that it had never been commented on by walter.  Any bug that has the
'patch' keyword was left assigned to walter.

Walter, of those 180 bugs, I expect that most of them you are NOT actively
working on, so it'd be nice if you would move more back to
 Ok, even nicer if they were just fixed, but one step at a time. :)

Also of note, I didn't care about the severity of the bugs when moving them, so
there's regressions, blockers, etc over in the nobody bucket.  Unfortunate that
they're not assigned, but it reflects reality far better this way.


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