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--- Comment #27 from Jarrett Billingsley <>  
2009-06-20 23:54:07 PDT ---
Open a windows command prompt and run the following line:

for /L %i in (1,1,17000) do @echo void func%i(){} >> test.txt

This creates test.txt with 17,000 functions.

Then create test.d in the same dir:

module test;
void main() {}

Now, compile *with the following commandline*.

dmd test.d -g -J.

This causes OPTLINK v8.00.1 to crash with EIP=00412793 as sa mentioned.  

For more testing, delete test.txt and run the shell line above with different
values.  16000 does not crash.  Interestingly, 16500 neither succeeds nor
fails; the linker apparently hangs and does not use any CPU.

If you want a real-world test, you're going to have to install some third-party
D libraries.

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