--- Comment #2 from Leandro Lucarella <>  2009-06-23 06:03:49 
PDT ---
This seems to be a DMD error indeed. Here is what the Gold author said:

The object file you attached does indeed have an e_ehsize field with a
value of 36.  The e_ehsize field is supposed to hold the size of the ELF file
header.  The ELF file header should be 52 bytes long.  36 bytes omits the last
fields--although the fields do appear to be actually present.  There is
something wrong with the compiler which is generating this object file.  My
guess is that the person who wrote the object file creation code did not
that the 16 byte magic number field is included in the size of the file header.
I would be happy to help explain the problem the the authors of this code, if

(the object file he is talking about is an object file generated by DMD)

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