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--- Comment #5 from Stewart Gordon <>  2009-07-08 17:59:30 PDT ---
> The specification 
> ( 
> says auto does type inference.  There's no word about memory 
> allocation.  I think the above behavior is left over from the past, 
> when auto used to do the same as scope.

Unless I'm mistaken, this hasn't changed.  That meaning is just invoked using a
different syntax, with a type between 'auto' and the variable's name.

> I suggest to fix this and make auto to do type inference only, just 
> like the specification describes the auto keyword.

Indeed, I don't know whether Walter just forgot to remove it from the compiler,
planned to do it later or what.  But it ought to be at least deprecated now. 
This meaning of 'scope' was introduced in 0.174 back in 2006.

See also bug 2716.

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