--- Comment #7 from Rob Jacques <>  2009-07-09 08:31:30 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> Could this be the same as the random OPTLINK crash on multi-core machines? It
> sounds pretty similar. Check if it still fails in 1.046 and 2.031.

Actually, I tried the optlink patch when it came out, and that didn't seem to
fix it. However, I haven't had a crash on valid code happen in 2.031, so it's
probably fixed, for the most part. Since this has been a stochastic problem, I
had been waiting to see if it just got less frequent or has disappeared, before
making a comment. Since it appears to be fixed, thanks!

I did run into a few crashes on invalid code (stuff to do with the new integer
rules) when porting my personal branch of DFL (since the main trunk is a few
revs behind). But that's probably a different bug.

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