--- Comment #20 from Sobirari Muhomori <>  2009-07-13 01:49:49 
PDT ---
What on earth am I writing?..

Now I see how function casting can be connected with overriding, but what this
has to do with overloading?
So now contravariance is not supported at all for overriding? Only exact
match? I don't see how this can conflict with function casting. Aren't the
contextes different? In the context of overriding check for exact match, in
the context of overload resolution check for implicit cast as for any other
type (this adds consistency imho). They hardly can clash, only if the compiler
is written so that they clash.
I suppose no algorithm for implicit function casting was written. It seems it
only needs to be written, though I'm not familiar with compiler intrinsics, so
I can lose some important details :)

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