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--- Comment #5 from Oleg Halzov <>  2009-07-20 22:28:13 PDT ---
But Jarrett, almost everybody who codes in Russian needs Windows-1251 codepage
by default. If we need to compile small program and we don't have robist IDE we
use notapad.exe (or something like this) that saves  Russian text in
And nobody will be changing his dafault font in "Command Prompt" to Lucida
Console only for my small program - I swear you!
Any other compilers (Pascal, C, C++) understand that the Russian text in
Windows is in Windows-1251! Currently I dont have any good editor for D whare I
can normally edit Russian texts in UTF-8. Entice Designer has a bug confirmed
by Chris Miller - you cannot enter Russian text, only copy and paste.
Therefore if you build a D compiler for Win32 platform, you have make it work
with widely used regional codepages.  Because the entire world is not English
only and fully not UTF-8!

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