--- Comment #10 from Stewart Gordon <>  2009-07-22 01:47:17 PDT 
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> Dear friends, D has really good ideas behind its face, but Unicode support
> (UTF-16) in the compiler instead of old UTF-8 is "MUST HAVE" feature.

DMD already supports UTF-16.  Even UTF-32.  Why do you want UTF-8 support

> Its a great need in non-Latin languages. Windows-1251 codepage is #1 
> for Russian Windows programmers. Otherwise D compiler will stay an 
> experiment forever.

How would supporting codepages work anyway?  Would they be converted to UTF-8
at compiletime?  In this case, D would need some form of character encoding
declaration.  Or would they be left as are, and be rejected only in wchar,
wchar[], dchar and dchar[] literals?  What about all the D features and APIs
that rely on char[] being UTF-8?

Seriously, if you're going to code in D and need to use non-ASCII characters,
it goes without saying that you should have a Unicode-compatible editor.  The
lack of good D editors may be a real issue at the moment, but AISI it makes
little sense to try to work around it.  No programming language is born with
high-quality development tools.  People need to write them.  (That said, there
have been a few dedicated D IDE projects.  What's the highest stage of
development any of them is at?)

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