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--- Comment #12 from Walter Bright <>  2009-07-22 
02:32:23 PDT ---
> And if DMD supports UTF-16 then how to make it work with UTF-16 Russian text
> entered in the simplest Notepad editor?

DMD will automatically detect and work correctly with UTF-16 and UTF-32 encoded
source files. The logic to do this is in module.c of the compiler source code.

If it does not work with a particular UTF-16 encoded file, please attach that
file to this bug report. Note that UTF-16 encoded files are not encoded using a
code page.

If a source file is encoded with a particular code page, there is no way for
the compiler to automatically detect it. C compilers often have a command line
flag which is used to tell it what code page to use. Using code pages,
therefore, makes your source code completely non-portable which is one of the
reasons why D uses Unicode instead.

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