--- Comment #18 from Steven Schveighoffer <>  2009-07-30 
13:40:56 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #15)
> Incorrect.
> s is an lvalue (it isn't being returned)
> s.getValue is an lvalue (pointer to some C's data, AKA a reference type)

*struct* MyNiftyPointerTo(T)


MyNiftyPointerTo!(C) getValue()

Read that carefully about 5 times

getValue returns a struct.  getValue returns an rvalue.  Please recognize this
before commenting again.

> It's not going away because MyNiftyPointerTo!(C).getValue is an lvalue.

MyNiftyPointerTo!(C) does not have a function called getValue, it is the return
type from getValue

> But I'm going to answer the question anyways ...

Incidentally, I can type quite fast and I have never EVER wanted to save
keystrokes when it sacrifices clarity.  My protests have nothing to do with
saving keystrokes, they have to do with generic code -- writing code that works
whether something is a builtin or a custom wrapper type.

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