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(In reply to comment #5)
> The bug was filed as a blocker for the .net implementation because there are
> cases like this System.Text.RegularExpressions that has a static Match
> Match(System.String, System.String) method.
> I think that marking the bug as invalid because of a limitation in the
> implementation is ridiculous.
> The fix (which I am applying to the my source tree at
> is very simple: continue the look up in enclosing
> scope.

Short of cases like this (illegal in both C# and D):

    class Foo
        class Bar { }
        Bar Bar() { return new Bar(); }

There is no need to alter the compiler, just require fully qualified names.
Heck, for imports of other CLR code via meta-data, that isn't even needed as
IIRC assemblies alway use fully qualified names internally.

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