Don <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |
            Version|0.175                       |2.022
            Summary|DMD 0.175 introduced bug:   |array initializers as
                   |array initializers as       |expressions are not allowed
                   |expressions are not         |in const arrays
                   |allowed?                    |
           Severity|regression                  |normal

--- Comment #5 from Don <>  2009-09-01 07:33:56 PDT ---
This works for me on D1.046. It was fixed somewhere between 1.020 and 1.041.

It also works on DMD2.031, if you change 'const' to 'enum' to preserve the

Oddly, however, on DMD2.031 the code as-written still displays:

bug.d(173): Error: array initializers as expressions are not allowed

So this is now a D2-only bug, which is not a regression. It's never worked with
these semantics. Checked as far back as 2.022.

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