--- Comment #1 from Michel Fortin <>  2009-09-03 
17:28:35 PDT ---
It looks like using this struct definition for "struct_stat64" on OSX fixes the

struct struct_stat64        // distinguish it from the stat() function
    uint st_dev;        /// device
    ushort st_mode;
    ushort st_nlink;        /// link count
    ulong st_ino;        /// file serial number
    uint st_uid;        /// user ID of file's owner
    uint st_gid;        /// user ID of group's owner
    uint st_rdev;        /// if device then device number

    int st_atime;
    uint st_atimensec;
    int st_mtime;
    uint st_mtimensec;
    int st_ctime;
    uint st_ctimensec;
    int st_birthtime;
    uint st_birthtimensec;

    ulong st_size;
    long st_blocks;        /// number of allocated 512 byte blocks
    int st_blksize;        /// optimal I/O block size

    ulong st_ino64;
    uint st_flags;
    uint st_gen;
    int st_lspare; /* RESERVED: DO NOT USE! */
    long st_qspare[2]; /* RESERVED: DO NOT USE! */

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