--- Comment #15 from Don <> 2009-09-08 09:40:30 PDT ---
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> Okay, so what I have is it checks for 
> signed cmp unsigned 
> or vice versa is okay if the signed arg is a literal and its value is
> nonnegative. 

In D2, it's possible to a lot better than this. With the new D2 rules for
implicit conversion between integral types (range-based), it should be enough
to require that one of the types must implicitly convert to the other. This
doesn't quite work yet, since range-based addition (for example) is not yet
This will mean that stuff like:
byte b;
uint u;
b = -67;
if (u < b + 0x100) ...
is OK because although b + 0x100 is signed, it can never be less than 1, so it
can safely be converted to unsigned.

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