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--- Comment #9 from Heinz Traub <> 2009-09-12 16:57:03 PDT 
This issue still persist even in the latest versions (it gets more serious with
every new version, file size grows even more).

I think this is THE bug that prevents newer versions to become the most stable
ones in the download page (1.030 has been for a long time) and this bug has
been reported a long time ago.

I've been thinking in dropping development for now. We are developing a
commercial game engine, we use newer versions of DMD1 because it solves many
issues that were bothering us, we are fine coding and very happy using D
templates but running the's counter productive, it's using excesive
system memory and we're gonna need a huge distribution media if it keeps like

Walter, i hope you read this, you're the most adecuate person to solve this.
This issue must be addresed now before it compromises the DMD development
achieved so far.

I found out one more thing, one more symptom:
Create the most basic hello world program and compile it. Check how large the
file is.
Now, import as many phobos modules as you can. Don't use any module! just
import them. Do this with about 8 modules. Compile and recheck file
grews in an extreme manner and not even using new symbols.

That's it. All i can do is report and i hope this post change something. Thanxs
in advance.

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