--- Comment #10 from Don <> 2009-09-16 01:13:39 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> I created some patches dealing with about 5 issues that currently leave only 
> 12
> bugs unfixed (of about 40 reports in bugzilla that deal with forward 
> references
> and circular import problems - I could add some more dependencies to this
> tracker). 
> But where in bugzilla should I attach the patches? Some bugs might be fixed 
> with only part of the changes, while other rely on these. I don't want to 
> duplicate patches in different bug reports. Is this tracker bug the right
> place?
> It seems it is not meant to hold patches.

No, nothing should go in this tracker. It's compensating for the lack of a
'forward-reference' keyword. Personally I'm not convinced that these tracker
bugs are helpful.
Attach the patches to the individual bugs. If one patch fixes two bugs, just
put it in one of them, and in the other, add a comment 'the patch for bug XXX
also fixes this'. The add the 'patch' keyword to both bug reports. Looking
forward to see what you've got!

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