--- Comment #5 from Sobirari Muhomori <> 2009-09-29 04:16:12 PDT 
A completely separate bug is actually what you described :) Auto functions are
obviously supported, I'm not sure if it's still valid to treat the auto keyword
as a storage class, if I'm not mistaken long ago it was meant to behave

The forward reference bugs are deeper than you think. The term "forward
reference" was taken from C world, the fact is compiler does things in an
order, and when at a certain step you need a result of a subsequent step, you
get into trouble. In C this situation happened for forward references in
lexical sense, because C compiler does things in lexical order. While D
compiler can first parse function signatures and then - function bodies, this
trick doesn't work for auto functions because their signatures can't be
resolved without compilation of the body, so their return types can be
accessible only at the end of semantic analysis. D compiler doesn't have
lexical forward reference bugs (except for the case of mixin) when you get
"undefined identifier" errors, but the compilation order is still here.

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