--- Comment #6 from Don <> 2009-11-02 00:20:19 PST ---
I have patched Phobos so that original symptom is fixed.
The compiler bug is that in FuncDeclaration::buildClosure() in toir.c, variadic
arguments aren't supported, but _argptr is set in FuncDeclaration::semantic3()
as if they were.

Partial patch, to turn this from a wrong-code into a rejects-valid bug, until
the bug is actually fixed:
func.c, line 1282.
        if (argptr)
        {    // Initialize _argptr to point past non-variadic arg
#if IN_GCC
        // Handled in FuncDeclaration::toObjFile
        v_argptr = argptr;
        v_argptr->init = new VoidInitializer(loc);
+        // BUG: Fix this in FuncDeclaration::buildClosure() in toir.c.
+        if (needsClosure())
+            error("Closures are not yet supported with variadic arguments
(Bugzilla 2479)");
        Type *t = argptr->type;
        VarDeclaration *p;
        unsigned offset;

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