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> Another thing to consider is that usually D modules have at least a package,
> like  And in the case of Tango often several. In most cases that 
> makes
> the full module name too long for you to want to type it again and again.   So
> static import is almost never what you want.  You either want full import, or
> you want renamed import.  So by making this change you make the default the
> least useful thing, which just seems the wrong choice for a default.
> If the default were something like a renamed import, using the leaf name as 
> the
> name, that might be reasonable:
> I.e.
>      import std.stdio;
> Would mean the same as this currently:
>      import stdio = std.stdio;

Exactly, that's what bug 3505 is all about, I think if this is implemented, bug
3505 should be implemented too (and maybe bug 3504). I filled 2 separated bugs
for them because they are indeed orthogonal features, even when they play
better together.

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