--- Comment #1 from Witold Baryluk <> 2009-11-18 
19:56:25 PST ---
If one will not call (so leaving Fiber in TERM state, and never
running it at all) it will be properly collected.

Adding after, a derived.reset() to make it back to TERM state,
doesn't help (still it is not collected).

Adding second, after first one, will make collect() to work

So i can assume it run() method terminates correctly and underlaying stack is
destroyed, object is properly destructed in colletion phase.

Essentially my problem is because my Fibers doesn't terminate at all they
"yield" infinitly (saving some auxilary data in fields of some objects, so this
data can be used outside of yield, essentiall in thread which called call), but
i want to terminate them automatically (when they are not referenced by any
thread or other Fiber) if needed.

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