Walter wrote:
> "Matthew" <> wrote in message
> news:c6kf86$
>> Why does the original D have to die (or be ignored)? I don't get it.
>> It seems like a mistake to me.
> Because with a one letter name for the forum, it will never get
> propagated and (as far as I can tell) google will not index it. It's
> normal practice in the industry to prefix the company name to private
> newsgroups, and then sometimes others will pick them up and propagate
> them. Some examples are:
> microsoft.*
> borland.*
> openwatcom.*
> etc. Basically, it's being a good news citizen to name them this way.

Walter D: going for volume marketing and sheeple appeal? And what about 
those wayyyy over-priced conferences of yours? Would do the participants do 
better with my suggestions for best compiler books? Or giving you boku 
money? What were you thinking dude? How important do you think you are? 
Don't disquise your need as value when it is a charity event. Get some 
humility, bitch. 

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