--- Comment #3 from Travis Boucher <> 2009-11-22 
08:44:41 PST ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> The OS-specic blocks in the Posix headers are there to ease maintenance.  As
> Walter has said, the alternative would be to have separate headers for each 
> OS,
> but I personally find it easier to work with them as-is.  I don't want to put
> common stuff in a shared Posix version because it could cause problems later. 
> Add support for another OS that doesn't define things that way and you either
> have to separate it all again or add finer-grained versioning, which would be 
> a
> nightmare.

The problem I am having now is that the FreeBSD stuff isn't being maintained. 
I am also trying to figure out the specific interactions between dmd, druntime
and phobos.  This will become even more of a nightmare if more platforms
becomes supported.  Maybe dropping freebsd support all together in dmd is an
answer, and then my focus could be on gdc and making sure phobos/tango has the
support I require.  (of course druntime is still required at some level).

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