--- Comment #6 from Travis Boucher <> 2009-11-22 
13:05:49 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> OS support beyond Linux and OSX is by submission, since I don't have an 
> install
> of other OSes to check.  Tango is the same way though, unless something has
> changed recently.  What issue do you have with Druntime/Phobos interaction? 
> I'm not sure I understand.

No issues with druntime/phobos interaction, just trying to learn/figure out
what is defined where.  Most of what I am doing is to learn the internals a
little more so I can use it for targets other then x86/winderz/linux.  I am
especially interested in embedded targets (which is why understanding what all
druntime provides is important to me).

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