--- Comment #7 from Travis Boucher <> 2009-11-22 
13:09:03 PST ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> Regarding your commends, eol-style should be set for all files in SVN, so if
> you're working from SVN all that should be handled for you.  And please please
> don't copy definitions from one OS without checking them.  If something 
> doesn't
> compile now it indicates where work needs to be done to fill out the headers
> properly.  Throwing in potentially invalid definitions just papers over the
> problem and is likely to produce subtly broken code.

Understood, I'll be sure to test things properly before submitting anything
else.  I think one of the biggest frustrations in making D more cross platform
is the inability to look at system C headers to create the proper definitions
automatically.  (not a fault in D's design, just an annoyance for integration)

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