--- Comment #5 from Witold Baryluk <> 2009-11-25 
06:11:41 PST ---
Ok, i now i solved it using kind of hack:

/** This class is written because Fiber's are not correctly garbage collected
class GenWrap(T : AGenerator, T2) {
    private T x; /// T derives from AGenerator which derives from Fiber
    this(T x_) { x = x_; }
    ~this() { delete x; }
    T2 getNext() { return x.getNext(); }
    T o() { return x; } // don't assign return value to any variable which can
live longer than this object

This is hack, because it can destroy Fibers which are still referenced
somewhere. So All my direct usages of variables of type T, must be changed to
use GenWrap.o(), to be sure that delete x inside destructor is safe.

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