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Doesn't work on Linux, so this is a Windows-only problem (well, it was a
Windows-only fix really :). Here is the fix:

This is the entry in the DMD 1.042 changelog that fixed this problem:
* Fix bug where / wasn't recognized as a path separator on Windows.

Try with import("dir\\data.txt"), it should fail to compile in DMD 1.006+.

So, summarizing:

* DMD 1.006 introduces a regression, which is supposed to be a feature.
* Supposing this is a real feature, you were relying on a bug in your programs,
if you code them with DMD 1.006+ in the first place.
* The specs are not clear about this, reading the specs there is no reason to
think that import("a/b") shouldn't work (i.e., at least there should be a
compiler switch to make it work or the specs should be fixed to reflect the
* There is a better solution to relax the current restrictions without being
completely promiscuous about string imports (see attached patch).

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