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--- Comment #4 from Steven Schveighoffer <> 2009-12-11 
06:40:58 PST ---
What about using ref int[2] instead?

I just tested with your code modifying the signature and it works:

[ste...@steveslaptop testd]$ cat bug3604.d
 extern(C) int tttc(ref int[2] x);
 void main() {
        int[2] input;

[ste...@steveslaptop testd]$ cat bug3604c.c
#include <stdio.h>

int tttc(int x[2]) {
    printf("just in C\n");
    printf("x=%p\n", x);
    printf("x[0]=%d\n", x[0]);
    printf("x[1]=%d\n", x[1]);
    printf("back from C\n");
[ste...@steveslaptop testd]$ gcc -c bug3604c.c
[ste...@steveslaptop testd]$ ../dmd2.037/linux/bin/dmd bug3604.d bug3604c.o 
[ste...@steveslaptop testd]$ ./bug3604
just in C
back from C

I think this better captures the correct signature than what I suggested in the

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