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            Summary|Poor error message when     |Poor error message:
                   |using shared: function ___  |function ___ not callable
                   |not callable with argument  |with argument types ___
                   |types ___                   |

--- Comment #3 from Jason House <> 2009-12-28 
21:02:22 PST ---
I just came across another example where this is poor.  No test case this time

Here's the error message:
hb/search/factory.d(58): Error: function libego.adapter.move.compressedHash ()
is not callable using argument types ()

Any guesses what is wrong?  Calling a no argument function is not callable
using no arguments?  In this particular case, the instance of
libego.adapter.move is immutable and the compressedHash function is neither
marked as const nor immuatable.  The error message really should be better.

Example alternate error message:
hb/search/factory.d(58): Error: Can't call mutating function on an immutable

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