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add lexical scope to local symbols in codeview debug info

The patch consists of two parts:
1. modify the parser to remember the end of scope statements.
2. transfer the life-time info to the debug info.

The latter is straight forward, but the second part is a bit complicated. 

As scoping information is lost in the code generation, only the line of
declaration and the end of the enclosing scope is remembered by the symbol. The
life-time of the variable in terms of code byte offset and length is then
reconstructed from the line number info. This is only implemented for CodeView
information, as I don't know anything about the other formats.

Another complication: optlink removes the corresponding debug entries, so I had
to use pseudo-symbols to get this info to cv2pdb and convert them back there.
This might confuse other tools, so maybe this feature should be enabled by some
command line switch only.

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