Run under D version 2.037, the program below runs through without raising any 
assert exceptions. This shows an erratic behavior with respect to ieeeFlags 
that is hardly intended. Other ieeeFlags also work (or, rather, do not work) in 
unexpected ways.


import std.math;

void main() {
// The execution leads to no assert errors
 real a,b=3.5;
 assert(!ieeeFlags.divByZero); // so far no zero division
 a=3.5/0.0L; // but now ...
 assert(a==real.infinity); // yes, exactly
 assert(!ieeeFlags.divByZero); // perhaps not, after all
 b/=0.0L; // once more, the same, really
 assert(b==real.infinity); // yes, the same
 assert(ieeeFlags.divByZero); // oops, not the same after all?

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