I can't reproduce this but I think it worths mentioning. I just finished 
debugging a memory leak. It turned out to be compiler problem (dmd 1.035 
windows). I had two big static arrays in a class member function (around 200kb 
each) and using my app as usual was causing huge memory leaks. Replacing these 
with dynamic arrays solved it.

In another case importing a file (static const a = import("myfile.txt")), where 
myfile was around 1.2mb was causing huge huge memory leaks. The actual code in 
the function that had this import was called only once in the program lifetime 
but it was messing something so just using the rest of the program was causing 
progressive memory leaks... Moving this in the exe as rcdata solved it.

Sorry I can't reproduce these in a small test case but it is definitely a 
compiler bug so I guess it worths mentioning anyway...


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