Summary: Not all COM interfaces inherit from IUnknown.
           Product: D
           Version: 2.037
          Platform: x86
        OS/Version: Windows
            Status: NEW
          Severity: minor
          Priority: P2
         Component: DMD

--- Comment #0 from Burton Radons <> 2010-01-20 19:59:05 
PST ---
Well this is rude. It turns out some COM interfaces - I specifically know of
( - do not
inherit from IUnknown. Since inheritance from IUnknown is how DMD applies its
magic, it means that such interfaces cannot be implemented directly from D.

It would seem preferable to have a "pragma (COM)" or "pragma (com)" attribute
to apply to an interface to cause it and its descendants to be understood to be
COM participants than to inherit from IUnknown, which seems an outdated
commonality, unfortunately.

The justification from Microsoft's side seems to be that ID3D10Include objects
should be lightweight, so removing IUnknown allows them to be stack objects
since it's impossible for anyone to retain a living reference to them after

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