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           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |
            Summary|Template order matter,      |(D1 only): Template order
                   |version block change        |matter, version block
                   |something with typedef, and |change something with
                   |another template bug.       |typedef, and another
                   |                            |template bug.

--- Comment #6 from Don <> 2010-01-25 01:12:18 PST ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> I tested it today on 2.039 and regression dissapered, now all 3 versions give
> exactl the same correct answers:
> $ dmd2 -version=B -w a918.d ; ./a918 
> calling num wyk=22?
> num 22
> calling int=4?
> int 4
> calling alias=x=333?
> alias 333
> $
> It can be closed now I think, but still I will want to test it in DMD 1.x.
> Anyone knows what changes in compiler possibly made all this fixes, regression
> and fixes? I can try historical version and check which have what behaviour.
> I would not want to close error because it dissapered by random chance :)

It was fixed in 2.033,2.034, or 2.035 (works in 2.035, fails in 2.032). Many
compiler structural problems were fixed around that time, so we can expect many
bugs to be fixed. It still fails in D1, so cannot be closed yet. But I've put
'D1 only' in the title.

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