--- Comment #8 from iorlas <> 2010-02-02 14:40:11 PST ---
Maybe not a pure, but works(also, thx to eldar, qtd-developer):

template Alias(T...){ //small hack, cuz directly alias dont want to work
    alias T Alias;
alias Alias!(__traits(allMembers, abc)) ABCMEMBS; //alias creates data as
compile-time var
void main(){
    foreach(m;ABCMEMBS){ //now we can use it in compile-time
        writeln(m, ": ", typeid(typeof(__traits(getMember, abc, m)))); //all
ok, cuz it's in compile-time

class abc{
    void foo(){
    int a,b,c;

We have this output:
foo: void()
a: int
b: int
c: int

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