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           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|Segfault using invalid case |Segfault(constfold.c) using
                   |(D1 only)                   |invalid case (D1 only)

--- Comment #1 from Don <> 2010-02-04 13:41:49 PST ---
This is a terrible one. It only happens when DMD is compiled with the optimizer
on, so it doesn't happen in the debug version of DMD.

It's crashing inside constfold.c Index(), around line 1206; it's called from
IndexExp::optimize() The code is:

    else if (e1->op == TOKarrayliteral && !e1->checkSideEffect(2))
    {   ArrayLiteralExp *ale = (ArrayLiteralExp *)e1;
        e = (Expression *)ale->elements->data[i];
        e->type = type;
It crashes on the first mention of ale->elements. I wonder if this could be a
DMC bug?

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