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--- Comment #10 from Witold Baryluk <> 2010-02-04 
16:41:22 PST ---
It would be greate to have similar flexibiliy like in flectioned:
 - allow to have all exception be tracable or not, using runtime or compile
 - or always trace only this exceptions which are derived from TracedException
 - have interface to get stacktrace from catched TracedException object (in
case of normal Exceptions, with runtime/compile enabled stacktraces for all
Exceptions it still should be possible to call such method, but it should
return error, empty list, null StackTrace object, or ... give exception.).

rationale for this is that backtrace construction is slow probably, and EH is
already slow, but EH is used extensivly sometimes for flow control (i know it
is wrong aproach), but backtrace will most probably triple this  cost.
exception handling is also used internally for things like destructions of
scope variables.

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