--- Comment #3 from Leandro Motta Barros <> 2010-02-05 
04:42:50 PST ---
Just one additional detail:

In the program where I noticed this problem for the first time, as suggested by
others, I worked around the bug by using a copy of std.variant.d with all the
occurrences of "AssociativeArray" replaced with something else.

I tried going back to std.variant in my program, and the crash was still there.
In other words, it seems that the bug still has something to do with
identifiers named "AssociativeArray".

(That said, this code:

void main()
    int AssociativeArray;        
    int[int] foo;    
    foreach (x; foo)    {    }

which I took from issue 3552, compiles cleanly here, which seems to indicate
that I am *really* running DMD 2.040 here ;-))

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