--- Comment #6 from Fawzi Mohamed <> 2010-03-02 14:02:07 PST ---
Maybe by bringing an example with pragma(msg) I confused the things.
My original problem was with a mixin(ctfe_function!(....)(...));
but the problem is really the instantiation, not the mixin, so my example was
just instantiating it to a const char[].
As I was doing it I did print it out (with pragma(msg)), and saw something
But the message might be a red herring, as the example showing only the
message, but not the error shows.
the real show blocker is the error:
t2-2.d(70): Error: template t2.axisFilter1(T,int rank,S...) does not match any
function template declaration
t2-2.d(70): Error: template t2.axisFilter1(T,int rank,S...) cannot deduce
template function from argument types !(int,1,NArray)(NArray,NArray,NArray)
t2-2.d(70): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression ((axisFilter1(T,int
rank,S...))(a,res,_param_1)) of type int to t2.NArray!(int,1).NArray
t2-2.d(75): Error: template instance t2.axisFilter!(int,1,NArray) error
t2-2.d(79):        instantiated from here: doFilt!(int)

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