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--- Comment #1 from Philippe Sigaud <> 2010-03-10 
21:58:34 CET ---
It's even more general than that: (T[n]).init is T.init. It's not even the
correct type!
That seems wrong to me. It should be a T[n] filled with T.init.

int[2] i2; double[3] d2; char[1] c2; string[0] s2;
writeln(typeof(i2).stringof, " ", typeof(typeof(i2).init).stringof);// int[2]
writeln(typeof(d2).stringof, " ", typeof(typeof(d2).init).stringof);//
double[3] double

void f(int a) {}
void g(int[2] a) {}

auto i3 = (int[2]).init;
f(i3); // Works. i3 is of type int.
g(i3); // Does not work. i3 is of type int.

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