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My opinions on the topic:
- As a Python user I have seen the usefulness of that part of its Zen. It
speeds up coding, speeds up code reading, makes code more uniform among
different programmers, etc.
- When Andrei's book is out, people will learn the D2 language. I like D1 but
it will probably not last many years. I think some years from now D1 will be
unused. Keeping in D2 a redundancy and baggage for a language that will not
last is bad.

So if you don't want to remove that "in" now, to help in the transitory period
of code that works in D1 and D2, it can be kept, deprecated, _plus_ it has to
always raise an informative deprecation warning, it must be noisy, otherwise
new D2 programmers will use it and it will never be possible to remove it from
the language. And then it can be removed in one or two years from now.

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