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> (In reply to comment #1)
> < Note that const
> > variables are NOT evaluated at compile time. But in these kind of 
> > situations,
> > it should do the same thing it does with a CTFE function call.
> Then how does the first pragma work?  It uses the same const variable that
> supposedly isn't evaluatable at compile time in the second pragma...
> -Steve

I didn't express that very clearly. Const variables are not evaluated at
instantiation. It is permitted for a const variable to be determined at

If a CTFE function call is made, all the arguments are interpreted before
calling the function. In the test case, it only becomes a compile-time value
while evaluating the pragma. (The pragma is forcing it to be a compile-time

The bug is that this constant folding is not happening in template
instantiations, static assert, static if, etc.

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