--- Comment #1 from Robert Clipsham <> 2010-03-27 
12:01:39 PDT ---
Compile with:
$ dmd -c -gc test.d
$ gcc test.o -o test -m32
(Note: I had a dmd.conf in the same directory to make sure druntime/phobos
weren't included, I don't know if this is needed)
void function() foobar;
extern(C)void _Dmodule_ref(){}
extern(C)int main(int argc, char** argv)
        return 0;
//void foo(){}
//void main(){}
Uncommenting either of the 2 functions at the bottom will trigger the bug, but
without them it does not happen. I have attached 3 files, which are the outputs
of the following 3 commands:
$ objdump --dwarf test > dwarf2
$ objdump --dwarf test > dwarf # With void main(){}
$ diff -u dwarf2 dwarf
Hopefully this should help figure out what's happening. Without reading into
the DWARF spec I cannot figure out what's wrong, but there's not a huge amount
of difference between them, so it shouldn't take too much effort for someone
who knows the spec to figure out what's wrong. The above was tested with dmd

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