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--- Comment #20 from Ellery Newcomer <> 2010-03-29 
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(In reply to comment #19)
> Could people having this issue when using -gc try the patch for bug #3987,
> which seems to fix a lot of issues with gdb. If you are only getting the
> problem with -g, it is not a bug, you should use -gc until gdb supports the D
> extensions to dwarf. If it doesn't fix it for you and you can provide a test
> case, I might be able to fix that issue too.

I'm getting a 

Dwarf Error: Cannot find DIE at 0x0 referenced from DIE at 0x3dbf [in module

If you feel like wading through my mongo example, here it is:

build dmdz, then use it to build, then run

dxl/bin/dxl test1.xls out.xls

Oh, and you need to checkout dmd v1 from repo, as requires changeset
420 to compile. That or fiddle with dxl/read/biff/BOFRecord.d; I think there's
only one line of code that needs to be messed with.

There, I didn't make it too easy for you, did I?

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